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Our Facilities

A full time women Warden will stay in hostel to take care of the inmates needs and a security guard will be available 24/7 in the hostel.

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks with tea and dinner will be available on time, upon request it will be avaible in advance. All the food we prepare with love and care. Daily Room Cleaning by Lady Servants.

Keep connected with your loved once always with our very high speed internet connection and watch your favourite program / channels in sitting room.

Enjoy our cab services to reach your desination safe and comfortable. Our cab is avaible upon request at any time for commute.

We do care your health so much and it's definetly starts from water. we have taken extra care, thats the reason we provide purified mineral water to keep you healthy.

We do respect your precious time to get ready in the morning or get fresh up when you come from work and we belive our solar water heater helps water to stay warm and its ready to use round the clock.

Wanted to catch bus for your daily commute? Wanted to be always on-time? Have a peace of mind, because our building is located very near to Goldwins bus stop.

Have your own vehicle? no worries we do have on-site parking for two wheelers.