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Safety is our first priority. This hostel is equipped with surveillance cameras. A full time women Warden will stay in hostel to take care of the inmates needs 24/7 in the hostel.

Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks with tea and dinner will be available on time, upon request it will be avaible in advance. Purified drinking water provided. All the food we prepare with love and care.

Keep connected with your loved once always with our very high speed internet connection and watch your favourite program / channels in living room.

Wanted to catch bus for your daily commute? Wanted to be always on-time? Have a peace of mind, because our building is located very near to Goldwins bus stop.

We do care your health so much and it's definetly starts from water. we have taken extra care, thats the reason we provide purified mineral water to keep you healthy.

We do respect your precious time to get ready in the morning or get fresh up when you come from work and we belive our solar water heater helps water to stay warm and its ready to use round the clock.

Have your own vehicle? no worries we do have on-site parking for two wheelers.

Enjoy our cab services to reach your desination safe and comfortable. Our cab is avaible upon request at any time for commute.

Our Rooms

We do offer 1 cart, 2 cart, 3 cart, 4 cart and 6 cart bedroom with granite flooring for your convenience and all bedrooms comes with cabin locker to keep your belongings safe. All rooms are installed with dedicated electricity meter. Daily Room Cleaning by Lady Servants.

About us

Iniya Ladies Hostel was established in the year 2015 to be a best place to stay safe, clean, convenient & hygienic with affordable prices and flexible sharing for college ladies students, college ladies staffs, working women’s and job seekers. Our rooms are customized to your needs to stay with your close friends.

Why Choose us?

Iniya Ladies Hostel has various accommodation plans that will fit your needs and We have installed dedicated electricity meter to every room to ensure that you pay electricity bill only for your consumed unit. Here are our different types of rooms and if you are looking for customized sharing rooms, please feel free to call us +91 98430 28335 / +91 87608 08224

  • 1 Sharing Rooms
  • 2 Sharing Rooms
  • 3 Sharing Rooms
  • 4 Sharing Rooms
  • 6 Sharing Rooms

Near By Places from hostel

This Hostel is located right on the education, Medical and IT hub of Coimbatore. We have listed below top places near by Read more »

Kovai Medical Center and Hospital
PSG College of Arts & Science
Coimbatore International Airport
Coimbatore Medical College
Hope College
PSG College of Tech
PSG Hospital
Coimbatore Railway Station
Please call us / email us to check price or rooms availabilty.

+91 98430 28335 / +91 87608 08224